Strategic Planning

Business leaders must answer three fundamental questions to create the clarity needed for building a healthier organization:

  • Where are we going?
  • How will we get there?
  • How will we know we have arrived?

I have a passion for strategic planning. Let me help you answer these fundamental questions.


Together, we tailor our proven planning processes and strategic plans to your organization’s unique needs and situation.

As your team experiences my proven planning process, they will create alignment and a strong sense of ownership for everything in the plan.  

Beyond the “Forgotten Plan” Syndrome

Too many organizations invest time and money in the planning process, but never implement their strategies in an effective way. Office bookshelves are full of planning “binders” that gather dust instead of propelling the organization forward.

I will help you develop strategic plans that people will feel motivated to use, not just for a few weeks but until the goals are achieved.

Your plan will be supported by a strong foundation of trust, ownership, and personal commitment developed during our planning retreats. (A retreat may be on-site or off-site at your discretion.)

Your Mission and Vision: Are They Cutting It?

Have you ever wondered whether your organization’s mission or vision statements are as good as they could be?

Did you painstakingly develop a draft with your leadership team only to leave it as a draft that you never shared with your staff?

If you want to take your mission and vision to the next level, click the button below.  We will explore how to ensure they reflect the true purpose of your organization and attract potential clients and staff.