Change Management
The days of “silo-based” project management are over. Most organizations today need people to work together across many traditional boundaries: Different departments. Different skill areas. Different backgrounds. Different levels of seniority.

Often, these large organizational changes require changes in culture to be effective. We’ve helped organizations succeed on a wide range of change management projects, from small internal reorganizations to multi-million-dollar construction contracts.

Trust and Teamwork

Building trust in a constantly changing environment can be a challenge. We offer customized workshops designed to create a culture for lasting achievement. Whether you are exploring large-scale change management or local improvements, we facilitate change in a safe non-threatening way that allows all voices to be heard.

Sometimes teams get stuck focusing on a particular problem without looking toward the longer term. This causes huge frustration, short-term focus, and high levels of burnout. We help your team get unstuck by clarifying purpose, defining the scope, and realigning short-term results with long-term goals.

Large Group Facilitation

If your goal is to engage large groups or your entire organization in offsite sessions, allow us to demonstrate how we have helped organizations manage large planning sessions. We achieve maximum participant interaction and create valuable results through careful planning and skillful execution.

Fresh Insights

"Regular meetings with a facilitator or other advisor will help you take a step back from day-to-day operations and look critically at how the board is functioning and how well the organization is fullfilling its mission. A professional can address burn-out and other issues that executive directors face, bring objectivity to a board retreat, and provide fresh insights." ("Taking Action to Manage Change," Nonprofit World, January/February 2011, p. 15)

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