Delighted Clients
We are grateful for our clients. Their partnership allows us to constantly improve our services so we can exceed your expectations.

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for Melmark. We so appreciate your leadership throughout the strategic planning process, your visits to both divisions and your presentation at our Expert Speaker Series. It has been wonderful to benefit from your knowledge and guidance."

Rita M. Gardner, M.P.H., LABA, BCBA, President and Chief Executive Officer
Melmark, Inc.

"Thank you for the wonderful strategic planning sessions. I have been involved with a number of sessions, and these have by far been my most enjoyable."

Eric L. Wimbley, Executive Director
Pretty Lake - Camp | Adventure Centre | Farm

"Thank you for your facilitation of our strategic planning process. You are a talented and effective facilitator. I enjoyed the exercises and organization you brought which unlocked our ideas and creative thinking. I was pleased to observe that you created a safe environment for all members of our team to feel comfortable and engage. It certainly enhanced our working together as a team."

Dr. Gale S. Hackworth, Director of Services
Riverwood Center - A Division of the Berrien Mental Health Authority

"I’ve been in many, many strategic planning sessions in the past 30 years. Peter is easily the best facilitator I have ever experienced. Several board members also said this was the best strategic planning process they’d ever been involved in. Peter helped us understand all the elements of a good strategic plan as well as how they fit together. He came very well prepared and guided us through the process. The product of our effort is invaluable to our organization."

Dr. Theresa Lynn, RN, LMSW, Executive Director
Wings of Hope Hospice

"I can’t begin to thank you for everything you did for us. Without your guidance we simply would not have made it to the point of being able to present a plan to our funders. Having such a strong Sustainability Plan was critical to gaining the support of new supporters as well as those who have been there for us repeatedly."

Becky Chadwell, Board President
West Michigan Glass Art Center (now Glass Art Kalamazoo)

"We all greatly appreciated your leadership and guidance as we worked through the strategic planning process. Working with six business units got complicated at times, especially since we facilitated three of them internally using your process. Your steady leadership and organization kept us moving in the right direction!"

Scott Schrum, CEO
Residential Opportunities Inc.

"Peter - your approach and insights were instrumental in helping us solidify our vision and mission. I learned a great deal from you and will be forever grateful for your gentle guidance."

Jay Zylstra, President
Gordon Food Service Store

"We recently completed a Moody's Investor Service credit rating for the university. Having our strategic plan in place was a valuable asset in explaining where we are going as a university and how we are getting there. The strategic plan completion comes at an opportune time - with the successful bond submission, recent state mandates, and an accreditation review in 2018, we needed a robust plan to support these demands."

Dr. Rick Kurtz, President
Shawnee State University

"Our strategic planning process was beyond my expectations. Once again you made the process easy for us; just as you did in 2011!"

Jessica Gilbert, Executive Director
Humane Society of South Central Michigan

"Peter Dams was exceptionally skilled at focusing us to arrive at our long term goals and the strategies to get there. While our organization still has much to accomplish, we are excited about the direction Alpine Learning Group is heading after gaining clarity from our work with Peter."

Chantelle Walker, Director of Finance and Operations
Alpine Learning Group

"Peter is one of those very special and talented facilitators that can bring a leadership team to the table and help them address complex strategic issues and bring it all together into a clear and straightforward foundation for successful implementation. It is a joy to watch the plans unfold. Peter helped us make our strategic planning experience what it should be – fun, efficient and effective."

George Todd, Chairman & CEO
Kalsec, Inc.

"The purpose of your work was to help the vice presidents craft strategic plans for their divisions and I believe this has been achieved superbly. You were very skillful in encouraging the VPs to develop their plans with a discipline that resulted in a very cohesive set of plans. The core value map is an especially helpful and innovative tool. I had not seen this organized in a similar fashion before, and it is an excellent approach, one I have already used to demonstrate progress on our strategic plan. It has been a pleasure to work with you and the outcomes exceed my expectations. Thank you for guiding and coordinating these efforts so skillfully."

Dr. David L. Eisler, President
Ferris State University

"Thank you for your leadership through this interesting, complex, thought provoking & worthwhile process. You were always prepared to make sure we stayed focused on our work. Thank you!"

Dr. Ronald E. Reid, Supervisor
Kalamazoo Charter Township

"Thank you so much for your outstanding work on our strategic plan. I had my doubts about the utility of the process when our Board first raised the issue. However, after going through the planning process with you, I am confident that the plan you helped us create will be very useful for the organization and the discipline."

Dr. James E. Carr, BCBA-D, Chief Executive Officer
Behavior Analyst Certification Board

"Peter's consulting work with us at Pfizer resulted in a complete process redesign of one of our key manufacturing processes. He was an excellent facilitator and engaged the entire team in modifying the process by creating an environment where everyone was comfortable participating."

Dr. Kevin Munson, Director/Team Leader, Learning and Development
Pfizer Global Manufacturing

"I have no doubt in my mind that this project would not be in it's current position without your involvement. I truly believe the success of our strategic planning project has to do with your expertise and ability to keep us focused."

Dr. Kristine Gibson, FAAP, Coordinator
Kalamazoo County Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Prevention and Treatment Project

"When WMU's Business and Finance division needed to formulate its first formal strategic plan, we turned to Dams & Associates for help. Peter guided our numerous and diverse departments through a logical and structured process that all found easy to use and participate in. We have utilized Peter's guidance to not only develop our strategic plan, but also to help establish budget priorities and iron out departmental process challenges. I would strongly recommend Peter's services to organizations that need a skillful hand to guide them through these kinds of processes.”

Lowell P. Rinker, Vice President for Business and Finance & CFO
Western Michigan University

“Thank you for helping us make the CFP Strategic Planning Summit a success! Your attention to detail and facilitation skills made for a smooth, well-timed event. We always appreciate the insight you bring, and look forward to the next steps in the strategic planning process!”

Teri Clark, Director
Community Family Partnership

“You helped us enormously to get from a nebulous plan to much clearer goals and strategies. Your participation gave us credibility, and your facilitation skills helped give us just the outcome we hoped for!”

Tobi Hanna-Davies, ISAAC Housing Task Force Co-Chair & ISAAC VP for Communications
Interfaith Strategy for Advocacy & Action in the Community

“Peter has amazing organizational skills. I wondered how he would be able to make sense of all the different information and opinions tossed at him. He helped us create structured, practical, and helpful materials that enabled us to move forward. Peter formed our simply beautiful logic model, which is so easy to understand - a task that seemed almost impossible.”

Renée Huff, Technical Assistance and Public Education & Social Marketing Coordinator
Kalamazoo Wraps

"As our organization has struggled with supporting systems change, Peter has provided a thoughtful steady presence. It has been a great comfort to me to know that he is there, keeping us on track, ensuring that no person or detail gets lost in the process. I have worked with many other consultants, and Peter is far & away the clearest, nicest, and most effective!"

Elizabeth Oppewal, Supports Coordination Supervisor
Allegan County Community Mental Health Services

"Peter Dams is a true Performance Consultant.  He has the outstanding ability to focus on what the overall goals are, and how to align those goals to the organization. We were working within a very short timeframe so he quickly connected to what our needs were, and offered options and solutions in addressing those needs.  We had a program that was ad hoc at best; and through some quick analysis, Peter was able to take what we had, fine tune it, and present it to our team in a very thorough, comprehensive, and professional manner. Thank you, Peter!"

Doris J. Miller, Director, Organizational Development
MPI Research

“Through his keen understanding of organizational systems and his interpersonal skills, Dr. Dams earned the professional respect and personal appreciation of both my office colleagues and myself.  Peter is an excellent communicator who has a remarkable ability to take a complicated subject matter and distill it to an understandable and useable form.”

Jeffrey R. Fink, Prosecuting Attorney
Kalamazoo County

"We just went through our CARF accreditation process. When the accreditation team looked at our strategic plan they were extremely impressed. During our exit conference we were told we were receiving an exemplary status for our strategic plan. These are very rare and only given when the accreditation team sees something that is the best in the field. Without your help we would not have achieved this status.

The plan implementation is going very well. All of our staff were in-serviced and we received just a fantastic response from everyone. I really understood the importance of the strategic plan when I did these in-services because I really felt like our whole team is now on the same page. Thank you for that!"

Chris Zeigler, President
MRC Industries, Inc.

"Peter has been used at MPI Research as an independent resource by various groups. He has a strong reputation of being the perfect independent middle-man. I engaged him to be the project manager/facilitator in a very complicated company reorganization with a multi-disciplinary team. The project entailed the creation of a new company division, a complete cultural change in approach for that new division from the 'rest' of the company, developing dependency and interaction charts to/from the indirect support groups, and other business elements. This was an expansion of the original scope of a 'best fit' space planning program that grew to entail a roadmap for a broader program.

Peter did a superlative job of organizing, facilitating, learning and 'refereeing' the process. The end result was a terrific roadmap process and document that can be used by Architects, Finance and Scientist alike. I highly recommend Peter, and I will definitely use his services again. He will exceed your expectations - he did for me."

Liam Hickey, Director of Facilities
MPI Research

"When we submitted our grant application to a major funder, we referred to the Environmental Scan and Strategic Plan you have helped us with. Your work, Peter, is not sitting on our shelf!"

Dale Boyer, Executive Director
CityLinC Ministries

"The City of Portage visioning project was an enormous undertaking. We wanted an inclusive approach with over a hundred citizens. We had to be respectful of their time so the process had to be well organized and efficient. Dr. Dams delivered a product that exceeded our expectations. He worked well with our City Administration and project steering committee. He is a true professional in every sense."

Peter J. Strazdas, Mayor
City of Portage

"Thanks so much for the effort put forth on the Strategic Framework report. The results were excellent, and I was very happy with the Board's reception. It is a great product and gives Administration an excellent tool to enhance communication with the Board as we proceed through a host of issues."

John M. Faul, Deputy County Administrator
Kalamazoo County Government

"Dr. Dams was extremely helpful in guiding the process for Advocacy Services for Kids, and I received praise on his behalf from every staff member and board member involved in the process.  Dr. Dams was professional, insightful, clever, and efficient.  He kept people on track, ensuring a timely product, and provided a path toward clarity that I believe we would not have achieved without him.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dams & Associates, Inc. to other organizations undergoing change.  It is sometimes difficult to see the path to take when you are involved in the process.  Having someone from outside provide steady guidance from experience can prevent you from running down dead-ends and going in circles.  Peter Dams did this for us at A.S.K.”

Sandy Roethler, Executive Director
Advocacy Services for Kids

"Peter Dams was a phenomenal resource to the Information Sharing and Integration Committee (ISIC) of the Criminal Justice Collaborative Council. Peter had prior experience with a similar project and we brought him in to guide and facilitate the Systems Integration effort in the Public Safety and Justice arena.  Peter guided the committee to create its Integration Action plan. He also created a resource guide which has been very helpful to the technology team in moving forward with the project.  Peter’s meetings always had the highest attendance. His knowledge and experience were of tremendous value to us.  We will definitely recruit Peter’s consulting services again."

Uma Harithsa, Manager, Applied Technology
Washtenaw County Government

“From our very first conversation Dr. Dams was focused on making the strategic planning process useful, and wanted to ensure that the end product was something that the Poverty Reduction Initiative would use and would not sit on a shelf.  Throughout the process, Dr. Dams demonstrated great skill in facilitation and listening to our Steering Committee members.  He was able to help Steering Committee members transfer complex and sometimes abstract information into a tangible plan.  As a result of working with Dr. Dams, our organization has gone through a restructuring process and we have become more focused in our shared vision.  Our strategic plan truly guides all aspects of our work.”

Kimberly Crider, Director
Poverty Reduction Initiative

“It is always a pleasure to work with you. Your professional probing and evenhanded approach is very effective.”

Hon. J. Richardson Johnson, Chief Circuit Judge, Chair
Kalamazoo County Office of Community Corrections Advisory Board

"I was very pleased with the input and involvement of the group, especially late on Friday after a long day and with a nice day waiting outside. It is a great testament to your skills as a facilitator to keep them all involved with those competing factors."

Doug Slade, Administrator
Ninth Judicial Circuit Court

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