Special Benefits
Depending on your individual situation, you can expect some or all of the following benefits by working with Dams & Associates:

  • Strategic plans that work in the real world, not just on paper.

  • Measurable improvements in key areas such as project turn-around time, process efficiency and quality.

  • Greater levels of staff trust and commitment to each other, as well as to your plan and goals.

  • Reduced levels of fear, anxiety and interpersonal conflict.

  • More productivity without adding more resources.

  • Increased management confidence – in the team, in the plan and in the results.

  • Greater staff commitment to resolving problems together, rather than playing the “blame game.”

  • More inter-departmental cooperation and collaboration for the good of all.

  • Faster project completion with better overall quality.

  • Greater employee job satisfaction as a result of improved teamwork and collaboration.

  • We take the hassle out of planning your offsites by developing customized room setups that create stimulating environments and active participation.

A Second Opinion

"In confronting a new situation where a company has little or no expertise, it may be advisable - and cost-effective - to seek a second opinion from people with greater experience in critical areas." ("Are Management Consultants Worth Their Hire?", Business Forum, Fall 1998)

Critical areas where we bring experience and expertise to the table include our proprietary strategic planning process and mapping current-state and desired business processes. Partnering with Dams & Associates will save you time and money.

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