Get Back on Track with Strategy Assessments
Occasionally, prospective clients tell us that their current strategic plans are not getting the traction they had expected. They are not sure whether their plans do contain all ingredients for successful implementation. Or they feel that the amount of detail is overwhelming everyone. Goals and strategies lack the specificity needed to be implemented. Occasionally, implementation stalls due to a lack of appropriate maintenance and resource allocation.

We have seen expensive plans ending up on the shelf because clear timelines and owners for strategic objectives were not identified. There was no agreement on who would do what by when.

We have worked with leadership teams who developed strategic plans without expert guidance. As a result, they were not sure whether their final plan, or their new mission and vision, met muster. Overwhelmed by pages and pages of detailed analysis, they gave up or only used part of their plan.

Perhaps you see yourself in these stories.

But you have decided to do something about it. Allow us to help you protect your investment.

For a fraction of the costs and time it takes to develop a new strategic plan, we will review your current strategy document against our guidelines for successful plans. We have assisted over seventy organizations in developing or updating more than ninety strategic plans. It is our goal to get your strategic plan back on track, so you can focus on moving your organization forward.

Feel free to contact us for more information or send us your plan for a free cost estimate for an assessment. We'd love to get you back on track.

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